“Thousands of patients nationwide are treated daily with Skin Sake, and nursing professionals love it because it’s fast-acting, non greasy, and doesn’t stain clothing or bedding”

Our Skin Sake healthcare ointments are fast acting and highly effective, formulated to soothe, protect and treat a variety of skin conditions including pressure sores, incontinent rashes, skin fold rashes, eczema and psoriasis. Both of our Skin Sake healthcare ointments are very popular in nursing homes, hospitals, hospice and home health agencies for their competitive pricing and broad range uses for skin health.



Skin Sake Ointment

Skin Sake is powerful enough to use as a treatment for established cases, but cost effective enough to use daily for prevention.  It is a creamy soothing ointment that provides a fast acting, extra strength treatment for incontinent rashes, stage I and II pressure sores, chafing, skin fold rashes, eczema, psoriasis, redness and dry, cracked skin. Skin Sake applies and removes easily, does not stain clothing or linens, and is long-lasting.



Surface Protectant

Surface Protectant is a high quality yet inexpensive barrier ointment made for everyday protection. Many patients prefer Skin Sake ointment for its advanced and fast-acting formula but administrators, nurses, and home health agencies typically look for less expensive ointments like Surface Protectant to use as a simple barrier, saving Skin Sake for treatment purposes. Combining Dimethicone with Skin Sake’s unique blend of Peruvian Balsam, Acidum Boricum, Aloe, vitamins, and soothing emollients makes Surface Protectant a far superior ointment.