Pharmacist formulated for a superior solution


Skin Sake was formulated by pharmacist Jeff Foote in Hamburg, Arkansas. Jeff noticed that most products on the market were not correcting the problems associated with skin irritations. Jeff decided to formulate a better solution to combat various skin conditions for his customers. Soon word of mouth created a huge demand for the ointment. With demand growing well beyond the pharmacy, there was a need for a better way to distribute the ointment. That is how Skin Sake as a company was born. With the help of his son Bain, who now heads the company, the original Skin Sake ointment has evolved into 4 specialty products for specific uses.

Skin Sake is not a glorified lotion like some other products on the market.

The Skin Sake family of products are specially formulated to treat, prevent, and soothe skin irritations and rashes. All of our products have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and have a unique blend of essential vitamins and ingredients that encourage new skin cell growth. None of our products contain fragrances or preservatives.